Lafayette Land Company has built a network of highly trained team members to help drive the success of our portfolio companies.  Our success is your success, our team is your team.

Robert J. Isakson, Sr.                                                              Chairman, CEO, President                                                                                 Cell:  (251) 423-1160

Bob Isakson 2.jpg

Robert J. Isakson, Sr. founded Lafayette Land Company in 1982 and serves as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Isakson is an expert in logistics, project oversight, and real estate development on a global level, having managed operations in some 138countries and accounting for over two billion USD in personally managed contracts over the course of his professional tenure. 

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Isakson has successfully founded, acquired, and sold several companies and is a principal source of project funding for Lafayette Land. Mr. Isakson is known for his ability to perform; before turning his focus to Lafayette Land, Mr. Isakson successfully managed project operations in distressed areas throughout the world, including active war zones in Kuwait, Somalia, Angola, Rwanda, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  

Prior to entering the private sector, Mr. Isakson served as a Supervisory Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation specializing in white-collar crime.  Mr. Isakson holds a B.B.A. in Accounting from Lamar University and is a graduate of the F.B.I. Academy.    

Robert J. Isakson, II                                                                 

Vice -President                                                                                                 Cell:  (251) 423-1165


Robert J. Isakson, II serves as President of Lafayette Land Company and is responsible for acquisition of new facilities and projects, as well as overseeing new BTS facilities from planning to completion.  Before joining Lafayette Land, Mr. Isakson was a Senior Project Manager with DRC Emergency Services performing complex contract closeout negotiations for multi-million dollar bids.  Mr. Isakson brings a wealth of knowledge to The Company, as he has lived in and travelled to over 72 Countries and has worked with the Supreme Court of Guam, the European Parliament, and the Republican National Committee. 

Mr. Isakson earned a B.A. in Economic Financial Application from Southern Methodist University.  While at SMU he co-founded the SMU Polo team and through his leadership the team was ranked third in the nation upon his graduation.  

Christopher G. Huffman                                                         COO                                                                                                     Cell:  (251) 423-1166

Christopher G. Huffman serves as Chief Operations Officer for Lafayette Land Company.  Mr. Huffman also acts as a Senior Project Manager, overseeing the company's various development and BTS projects.

Mr. Huffman has a deep working knowledge of construction matters and client development. 

Prior to joining Lafayette Land, Mr. Huffman worked as a Development Manager with Bayer Properties, L.L.C. (a very large shopping center development firm) and as a Structural Quality Control Manager at B.L. Harbert International, Inc. (80th on the 2014 ENR's Top 100 Contractors List). 

Mr. Huffman earned his M.B.A. from Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University.  He also holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Auburn University.

Zahra Urbanek                                                                      Senior Accountant                                                                         

Jacob F. Nobles                                                                         

Vice President - Construction                                                            

Cell:   (251) 610-8402

Jacob F. Nobles serves as Manager of Design and Construction at Lafayette Land Company and is responsible for cost projection analysis and developing sophisticated project forecasting models.  Mr. Nobles has years of experience as a Senior Project Manager in the construction industry, managing multi-million dollar residential, commercial, institutional, light-industrial and hospitality projects throughout the world, including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the United States.  

Before joining Lafayette Land, Mr. Nobles worked with Project Systems International Ltd. and Brice Building Company, L.L.C. in their national and international project division, headquartered in the Far East. 

Mr. Nobles studied Construction Engineering Management at the graduate level at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  He also earned a B.S. in Psychology, minoring in Human Resource Management from the University of South Alabama.                                                                          

Whitney Tesdahl                                                                         Real Estate Manager                                                                                          (251) 340-6505


Whitney C. Tesdahl serves as Real Estate Manager at Lafayette Land Company.  She is responsible for project timeline tracking and corporate due diligence.  

Specializing in secured transactions, she manages Lafayette land’s leasing and acquisition portfolio.  Ms. Tesdahl also manages all title and property acquisition issues including title inspections, title guarantee, title resolution matters, Right’s of Way, Easements, and Acts of Servitude.

Prior to joining Lafayette Land, Ms. Tesdahl was a paralegal working with multiple law firms. 


Carl Bradley                                                                                  Construction Manager                                                                                          (251) 340-6505

Mr. Bradley brings over 47 years experience in the field of commercial construction and job site management. Carl has been directly involved with the construction of hundreds of commercial projects, including ground-up multi-family apartments, roads, bridges, residential single-family residences, warehouses, and several large industrial developments.

Mr. Bradley manages the day to day construction activities. He supervises and coordinates on-site sub-contractors and maintains invoicing and billing of each, respectively.

Carl's expertise and detail oriented methodology has greatly lint to the cost savings and value engineering evident in our projects.

Hisham Elattar                                                                                                helattar@att.netSenior Draftsman                                                                                                (251) 340-6505


Hisham Elattar has been with the principals of Lafayette Land Company for over 15 years. Hisham has brought dedication and discipline to his field, with experience and knowledge from 30 years in the industry.  

Hisham's primary responsibility is the design of Lafayette Land's projects, be it historic renovations, Specialty Retail Buildouts or ground up Build-to-suit Industrial buildings. HIsham has the knowledge to design in quickly, accurately, and typically produces a viable plan on the first go. Hisham takes it from idea to concept site plans and floor plans, tipping it off to local architect and engineers at project start. 

His ability to quickly and accurately perform take-off calculations and field measurements is invaluable. 

Briane L Johnson                                                                  Executive Administrative Assistant/Paralegal                                                           (251) 340-6505

Briane (Bri) Johnson has been an executive legal assistant and administrative assistant for over 10 years. She is courteous and attentive. She is knowledgable on company tax filings. Despite her title, Bri wears many hats in the company, from assisting with legal filings, land closings and due diligence requirements to assisting accounting in job cost recordation.